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Public Lands Glossary and Land Management Terms Now you have no excuses, it's time to discover the meaning behind the terms you come across in public lands documents.
Department of Justice NEPA NEPA is one of the most frequently litigated statutes in the history of modern environmental law.
BLM NEPA Register The National NEPA Register allows online review and comment of BLM planning and implementation projects.
BLM Planning & NEPA Citizens, user groups and businesses can participate in crafting Resource Management Plans; state, county, local and tribal governments can serve as cooperators in these efforts.
BOR NEPA NEPA applies to the implementation of many of the Bureau of Reclamations responsibilities and activities, with the goal of ensuring that information regarding environmental impacts is available to decision makers and the public before decisions are made.
DOE NEPA The Office of NEPA Policy and Compliance maintains the DOE NEPA Website, which serves as a focal point for DOE NEPA implementation, and contains information about current opportunities for public review of NEPA documents, an electronic archive of DOE NEPA documents, and other resources for NEPA practitioners and members of the public.
EPA NEPA EPA serves as the repository (EIS database) for EISs prepared by federal agencies and provides notice of its availability in the Federal Register.
Federal Register The Daily Journal of the Unites States Government.
Forest Service NEPA This site is designed to provide you access to helpful information related to the Forest Service’s management of the NEPA process.
Forest Service Appeals, Objections & Litigation This site contains information about the Forest Service's environmental appeals, objections, and litigation.
Whitehouse Council on Environmental Quality The Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) was created in 1969 by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) to coordinate federal efforts to improve, preserve, and protect America’s public health and environment.
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