We, the American people, are indeed fortunate.

We are empowered by an extraordinary law that is all about federal government transparency: The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

Open government is fundamental to a functioning democracy, and that is where NEPA is at its best.

NEPA allows the public to participate and be part of government decisions that affect their lives, lands, forests, and resources—before the government makes these decisions. What a concept!

However, NEPA only works when citizens work with it. NEPA is not about a specific outcome but about an open, inclusive process that involves the public.

NEPA NATION is where citizens can work with NEPA to improve the process and inform government decisions.

NEPA NATION is all about facts, available to the public, in an easy to read format with crucial information, dates, and contacts timely posted to assure meaningful participation in the NEPA process.